Our Motto

The motto of the PA Agricultural Ombudsman Program is “Building Bridges”.  Why did we choose that motto?

A bridge can be defined as:

  1. “a structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier…”
  2. “a means of connection or transition”.

Beth and Shelly believe in creating connections that allow parties experiencing a conflict to find their common ground and work toward better relationships with each other.  Beth and Shelly help entities move forward despite what was originally perceived as a gap or barrier.

For example, the Program hopes to provide passage over a gap or barrier between

  • farmers and non-farm neighbors
  • farmers and the municipal officials where they live
  • farmers’ understanding of and compliance with the agricultural regulations
  • Municipality’s understanding of agricultural regulations and right-to-farm law

The Program works to provide a connection between sometimes seemingly unrelated organizations or entities.  Some examples include:

  • the agricultural community and law enforcement and first responders (also known as all-hazards preparedness)
  • agriculture and stormwater issues
  • municipalities and the PA Department of Agriculture
  • linking experts who can address questions or concerns with the person or agency who has the need, on a wide variety of topics

How can we help you build bridges?

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