Fly Complaint Response

flyThe Ombudsman Program provides pro-active information to farmers to reduce flies on farms.  Refer here for fly minimization techniques.  However, fly outbreaks do happen, and neighboring residents may not appreciate the disruption to their lives if the fly population is high enough.  Residents may be looking for a place to complain.

Shelly and Beth coordinate fly complaint response in Pennsylvania.  Fly response takes a team of trained, knowledgeable people. The team relies on Penn State Extension educators, PA Department of Agriculture staff, and Conservation District staff.  It is a voluntary program—for the farmers and for the responders.  The Ombudsman Program does not have enforcement or regulatory authority for flies, but the team works with farmers to provide short and long-term recommendations to mitigate flies.

Shelly and Beth will:

  • Listen to a complaint or concern
  • “Log in” the complaint
  • Assess the nature of the problem based on information from the complainant to determine who should respond
  • Refer the complaint to the appropriate resource people and technical experts for initial site visit
  • Follow up to ensure adequate and timely response
  • Decide if long-term recommendations and assistance are needed, and refer to proper experts

The technical experts from Penn State University, PSU Cooperative Extension, PA Dept of Ag can:

  • Provide input for farmers related to fly minimization techniques
  • Explain or give information on the use of integrated pest management (IPM) for pest control both at home and on the farm
  • Provide education information for non-farmers about the life cycle of flies, and techniques to reduce flies around residences
  • Provide assistance to townships and other entities that are facing pest control issues

Long term or ongoing issues can be addressed and monitored by a cooperative effort of PSU Extension, PA Ag Ombudsman Program and the farmer and local residents.

The PA Agricultural Ombudsman Program does not have expertise in fly control issues, but will serve as a clearinghouse of information, and as response coordinators in fly complaints.  We will refer/connect the complaints to the appropriate resource people and technical experts.  We can keep municipalities and legislator’s offices updated on the situation.      The experts have extensive knowledge of fly management and control techniques, but they do not have regulatory authority or enforcement power.

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