Municipal Ordinances

At the request of municipalities, farmers or Conservation Districts, the Ombudsman Program is available to review proposed ordinances and provide comments designed to encourage municipalities to consider all the implications or ramifications to agriculture.  Verbal and written comments made by an Ombudsman are of a professional opinion, not a legal one. The Program is willing to work with various municipal boards one-to-one to further explain any written comments and strive for an ordinance that is agreeable to the municipality and the agricultural community. The Ombudsman can also comment on trends being observed in other townships, if the municipality is interested.

This ordinance review service does not replace the opportunity of a farmer to submit a request to the Attorney General’s office for an ACRE-ordinance review.  But, if a farmer has concerns that an existing ordinance or proposed ordinance may not be favorable to agriculture, the Ombudsman Program is willing to work with a municipality to consider an ordinance and try to address the concerns prior to a farmer making the review request of the Attorney General’s office.

Contact Shelly or Beth if you have concerns about an existing or proposed ordinance.

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